Find Your Next Favorite Movie in Less than 50 Seconds!

This might just be the best entertainment app we’ve ever come across. itcher is a recommendations engine that offers it’s users community powered entertainment recommendations that match their tastes and preferences.

It gets better: it’s free on iOS and Android, and there’s also a desktop version.

So far, it’s ticking all our boxes (and it gets better!)

For All Your Entertainment Needs (We Love That!)

itcher doesn’t only focus on movies. It can also recommend books, music and games. The only thing it can’t do is personally drive you to the cinema but we’ll let it off.

So how does it work? itcher generates its suggestions based on items that are related in terms of plot elements or genre, and then comes up with its recommendations by matching users with similar tastes.

This means that if person A has a similar taste to person B, itcher will recommend person A more of the titles and artists person B has rated highly.

Now this is taking entertainment recommendations to the next level!

Sign Up and Get Recommendations in Seconds!

Signing up to itcher is as easy as it should be. You can either connect with Facebook or Twitter, or you can use your email address and create a password.

Either way, you’re logged in within seconds.

Spot On Titles After Rating Only 5 Items…

In order to get your first recommendations you have to rate a minimum of 5 items inside one category. It’s great that you can choose which categories you want to get recommendations for, as some people may not be interested in all of them.

itcher’s five point rating system goes from ‘Hate’ to ‘Love’. That way itcher’s algorithm can determine an individual’s particular taste and match it with those people in the itcher community whose tastes are most similar.

The More You Rate, The Better the Recommendations Seem to Get

Does it work? For having only rated 5 items, the results are surprisingly accurate but it’s important to know that the more you rate, the more tailored to your personal taste the recommendations get.

But since rating titles and artists on itcher is so much fun, the discovery process is just as enjoyable as the actual recommendations.

More Than Just Reviews & Ratings

Once you’ve decided how much you like or dislike an item, you’ll be able to write a review to express your thoughts on it in detail.

But that’s not all, if you go to a title or artist’s product page (either before or after rating it), you’ll find more than just reviews: get lost in interesting background information, similar items, trailers and more.

Organise Your Favourite Titles on Personalised Lists

If you happen to come across an item you know you’re not interested in, you can simply put it in a virtual bin to make it disappear from your feed.

If you, however, find a title or artist you like the sound of, you can save it for later. With the possibility to create lists to organise all your favourites and favourites-to-be, no title will ever be forgotten in the endless pool of entertainment recommendations.

itcher Is Also a Social Media Platform

itcher is an entertainment recommendations app on the one side, but its social aspects should not be underestimated.

You can engage with other people’s reviews and even follow other users whose taste matches yours and whose recommendations you’d like to check out.

Buy or Rent Your Chosen Titles Straight Away

How can you actually get your hands on a certain movie, book, album or game you found on itcher? Simply go to the relevant product page to see which sites distribute that item, such as Netflix, Amazon or Amazon Prime. You can then buy or stream your chosen title with just a few clicks.

itcher seems to be the one stop shop for entertainment recommendations.

A Stunning Yet Simple Design

Next to the quality of recommendations, an important factor that makes or breaks an app is its user interface and overall appearance. itcher’s design is gorgeous, yet simple.

Navigating through the website or app is a breeze which, again, makes the process of discovering new entertainment titles a journey full of fun and beautiful visuals.

Give it a Try Now

Well, the big reveal. Does itcher make the cut?

We love it. We love it like we love iced doughnuts. We love it like warm socks on a rainy day. Thank you itcher, you beautiful, beautiful thing.