Find Your Next Favorite Movie in Less than 50 Seconds!

This might just be the best entertainment app we’ve ever come across. itcher is a recommendations engine that offers it’s users community powered entertainment recommendations that match their tastes and preferences. It gets better: it’s free on iOS and Android, and there’s also a desktop version. So far, it’s ticking all our boxes (and it […]


6 Entertainment Apps You Need Right Now

Greetings Earthlings! Here are some of the very best entertainment apps that you need to get right now. What are you waiting for? Go go go! Netflix – Ruler of All Streaming Services The emperor or the entertainment world, Netflix is probably the only app you consider yourself as close to as family members. The […]


5 Must-Have Apps for a Friday Night In

  • November 17th, 2016
  • Entertainment
  • kaiserifty.trueteam

It’s a joyous moment when Friday evening finally arrives and rears it’s beautiful, pizza shaped head. So… what’s on the agenda? Friday! We’ve Been Waiting For You If you don’t have plans, don’t worry. We’ve got 5 apps that are going to significantly improve your Friday night in, and you’re going to love every single […]