Apple Magazine interview

Ivan Castilho de Almeida is the Founder and Director of, AppleMagazine and the AppleMagazine app, available on iOS.

On this edition, we decided to interview Ivan from Apple Magazine on their brand, goals, successes and future plans. Apple Magazine feature the latest technology news, features, rumors and reviews. Enjoy.

How was AppleMagazine born?

Ivan: “I’ve always been interested in strategy and marketing, and I spent the first sixteen years of my career working on social projects in Africa and Latin America, applying my experience in healthcare technology and training to communities in countries like Brazil, Argentine, Haiti, Angola, South Africa, Congo, and others. Then, at 36 years old, I faced bankruptcy from my projects and in my personal life and decided that it was time to start a new chapter.

In 2011, the digital market began to show serious signs of growth and progression, and so I decided to start my own publishing business and invested everything I had into

I started the project with no capital and put all of my attentions into creating a magazine that people would really want to read. I struck deals with major digital newsstands and launched the magazine in October 2011. In just a few months, we managed to attract subscribers in more than 117 countries and territories.

Getting AppleMagazine to where it is today hasn’t been easy, but it's been worth it. We’ve suffered major debts and come close to bankruptcy, but today, we’re covering the globe and sell more than seven million copies of the magazine every year.

Where do you expect to see the site in 5 years’ time?

Ivan: The team at AppleMagazine is learning every day. Our aim is to have AppleMagazine on every single iPhone and iPad, bringing consumers and tech fans the latest news and features. We want to continue evolving our format and content to meet the demands of our readers and their consumption habits. We have an open mind and open eyes for the future.

What’s the best app you came across in 2016?

Ivan: We're obviously going to show some bias here, but one of the best apps on my iPhone is the AppleMagazine app. We worked with our design team to reshape our app, and after a few months in production, launched a simplified, used-focused app with stunning visual elements. We think that the app is a great companion to the magazine – and we offer a free trial if you're interested!

How do you keep updated on the latest releases? Do you usually attend events?

Ivan: The AppleMagazine editorial team follows all of the major media channels and news agencies, and we also have direct contacts in the tech industry to keep our readers well and up-to-date informed. In today’s age, we’re passionate about sticking to the facts, so follow the highest editorial standards, and our readers receive only the highest quality journalism.

You feature wearables on your mobile category. Which is your favorite? And how do you think the Internet of Things is affecting our daily lives?

Ivan: Great question! I'm obsessed with my Apple Watch – it helps me stay connected to my team and gives me the power to be free whether I'm at home or work. When I'm on the couch, I use my iPad for checking emails and catching up on TV shows, and switch to my MacBook Pro when I'm traveling to transform any table into a workspace.

You have our audience’s attention! What would you like them to know about your next project?

Ivan: Keep up with AppleMagazine. We’re always publishing great content for our readers. Our expertise has improved in the last six years, and our website, app, and magazine all work hand in hand to deliver the best technology news and rumors wherever you are. We’ve changed from a publisher to a co-investor publisher, and it’s an exciting time for the brand.

And speaking of business… we’re hoping to launch some exciting new branded apps and games in the coming months. But don’t tell anyone just yet – it’s a secret!

Thanks for all your powerful insights, Ivan!

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