7 Apps to Make Daily Life Easier

We don’t have to tell you what a difference apps can make. Today we’re recommending 7 mighty little apps that will fit so seamlessly into your day to day life you’ll wonder why you didn’t get them sooner. Let’s go!


Is banking a little too boring to begin with? Well it’s too late now, here we are. Besides, having a mobile banking app on your phone is by far the best way to keep on top of your finances. Whether you’re a frugal spender or a flash-the-cash maniac, knowing what’s going in and out of your bank account is good to know. And who can be bothered with the internet banking card thingymawhatsits? Get your bank’s app on your phone and say goodbye to the days of queuing in a long bank line to transfer money on a Saturday morning stuck behind an elderly lady paying an enormous sum of money into her savings account… with pennies.


Drivers, listen up. You know when you’re hit with unexpected traffic and you think ‘If only I’d known! I could have gone the other way!’, well Waze is here to save the day. Check this little ingenious traffic app to see where there’s congestion and if it’s avoidable. Who has time for traffic?


Uber is by far the most convenient way to travel. Nobody has time to be looking up phone numbers for cab companies and calling them to book a taxi. With Uber, just open the app and tap to say you want to be collected. The GPS on your phone will tell the drive exactly where you are and – not only that – but you can see all the Ubers in your area. Oh and did I mention it’s cheaper than black cabs?


How many times do you say you’ll ‘have to remember that!’ or you’ll ‘take a look later’. Do you ever? Pfft, no way. Our brains are brilliant, but they’re mush when it comes to recalling completely stringless pieces of information. Make use of the notes app on your phone to jot down anything from shopping lists, to a theatre recommendation (if you’re posh) or perhaps the time your favourite show is on TV.

Just Eat

Order your favourite food using Just Eat – the app that allows you to search for nearby restaurants and order directly from them through their app. It means you can eat more of the stuff that makes your mouth water without having to wait for your favourite curry house to create their own ordering app.


Never get caught in the rain off guard again with Accuweather. Check the weather for today, tomorrow, next week and (on their website) even next month! This app will make you the master of weather and you (probably) will never be unprepared for an impromptu hailstorm ever again.


When you’re sick and need supplies, you can always rely on a Groceries app. Many of the big chain supermarkets now offer their delivery services via an app, which means you can nurse your cold from the comfort of your bed while your food shopping (and nasal supplies) are picked, packed and delivered straight to your door. Don’t forget the chicken soup.

Say Hello to Stress Free Days

I hope you like this list of apps that will make your daily life a little bit easier. Honestly these apps are total stress busters! I’m sure there are tonnes more out there, but we can’t be on our phones all day now, can we? *sob*