6 Entertainment Apps You Need Right Now

Greetings Earthlings! Here are some of the very best entertainment apps that you need to get right now. What are you waiting for? Go go go!

Netflix – Ruler of All Streaming Services

The emperor or the entertainment world, Netflix is probably the only app you consider yourself as close to as family members. The streaming service is adored by many and, with more and more TV shows and movies being added, it’s only set to win us over more. Whether it comes to the rescue on a rainy day, a weeknight evening or a movie night with your friends, Netflix has got your back.

Netflix feels most at home on a tablet – big enough to enjoy the movie or TV show, small enough to take with you.

Some of Netflix’s best features are the autoplay (we love you autoplay!) and – wait for it – when autoplay kicks in, it will skip past the opening credits for you.

Netflix you are amazing!

Audible – Audiobooks for Everyone

Do you have a part of your day when you could pop your headphones on for half an hour? Or, at least, hook your phone up to some speakers. Perhaps a morning drive, perhaps an evening walk. Audible, which is actually owned by Amazon, is here to help.

Audible is a subscription service that allows you to listen to audiobooks. I gotta say, I was a little skeptical when I first heard about this app – will I even have time to listen to audio books? As it turns out, yeah I do and I freakin’ love them! Whether non-fiction is your bag, or thriller fictions, you’ll find something you like on Audible.

Spotify – Move Those Feet!

The King of music, Spotify is how is how modern day music should be done.

Yeah, you have to pay for Premium but if you hate ads, it’s completely worth it! Say hello to uninterrupted music and enjoy music offline as well as online! Perfect for travelling or long commutes. Spotify is the new way to listen to music. When you consider the cost of albums, suddenly having Spotify Premium makes sense…

Overcast – Say Hello to the Podcast World

Overcast is a podcast client that will organise all your favourite podcasts in one place.

Haven’t discovered the absolute joy of podcasts yet? Prepare yourself, you’re about to be addicted! You can start with Serial for a gripping (and real life) crime story and then maybe more onto Hello Internet for a ‘two dudes talking’ show. When you find a podcast you can’t get enough of – and believe me, these two recommendation are very moreish! – you won’t be able to stop…

Kindle – Books You Love, Even Better

I know, I know.

Some of you just love reading actual books.

Physical books.

The ones that are made of paper and smell like home.

But listen to me for a moment. I was once like you. I purchased, read, even collected books I hoped to read some day. I pretty much had my own library. I even considered buying a candle once that was scented like book pages; believe me, I know what it’s like to love books.

But I tried Kindle, and I’m converted. It’s so easy – I can read wherever I like, I don’t have to carry the book (or books) I’m currently reading – they’re all already there on whatever little device I have with me (usually my iPad). And another thing – reading it easier on the the Kindle app. Sometimes you forget how achy you can get when holding a book and just trying to find a comfortable reading position. Reading from a device is a dream. Try it, you’ll see.

Which Apps Did We Miss?

We hope you liked these recommendations! Which great entertainment apps have we missed?