5 Must-Have Apps for a Friday Night In

It’s a joyous moment when Friday evening finally arrives and rears it’s beautiful, pizza shaped head.

So… what’s on the agenda?

Friday! We’ve Been Waiting For You

If you don’t have plans, don’t worry. We’ve got 5 apps that are going to significantly improve your Friday night in, and you’re going to love every single one of them (but don’t throw things at us if you don’t).

Here goes! Happy Fridaying everybody.

1. itcher – personalised entertainment recommendations

With this little app, you can say an enthusiastic goodbye to the hours you’ve wasted on movie-searching. itcher will ask you to rate 5 movies (whether you liked them or not) and once you’ve done it, it will get to work generating your personalised recommendations. Finally! Something to ease the movie-searching pain. *Yes*. You know what this means? It means you’re about to save yourself an hour of movie searching time (which means you have extra time to buy popcorn and nachos).

2. Thunderspace – Unwind in a Thunderstorm

Fancy the sound of rain as your Friday night playlist? Download the Thunderscape app and unwind the sound of a storm. You can even select a lightening feature and it’ll sporadically flash to mimic real lightening. That feature might be a fraction too far for non-nerds, but if you’re a rain worshipper, rejoice: this is the app you’ve been waiting for.

Any fellow storm lovers will know the thrill in the distant rolling of thunder and the crack of lightening. If you’re more the ‘curl up in the corner and weep’ kind of storm person, then maybe this app isn’t for you. But if the sound of rain is to your ears what fizzy champagne is to your tongue, you’ll love it.

3. Alien Blue – The Reddit App

You know those nights you and your friends get talking about something really engaging and you’re awake until the early hours soaking up each other’s interestingness? (I’ll stop being puke-inducing in a sec).

Reddit, also known as the front page of the internet, is a forum or sorts where users discuss popular topics in threads. Stay with me. What your Friday night needs an hour of browsing the AskReddit subreddit (a subsection of reddit) where you can browse all different threads with interesting questions – and even more interesting answers. Fellow Redditors will know the beauty of AskReddit already – they’ll also tell me that Alien Blue isn’t the best app for using Reddit (I know – leave me alone).

4. Calm – Breathe for a Minute

This isn’t just hippy rubbish. Calm is a meditation app (hear me out…) and it gives you the chance to take a few minutes out of your day to stop scrolling through Twitter and just be still.

It might sound a little twee, but it can be refreshing – especially after a long week of hearing Martin at work moaning (damn you Martin). Give it a try and then tell me you don’t like it.

5. Domino’s – Pizza Anyone?

After a long week, you’re bound to have an appetite. An appetite for pizza. When you get the Dominoes app not only can you smother your face in heaven on a pizza base, but you can track the progress of your pizza from order to door. Finally, the rumbles of your stomach can be soothed by the sweet, sweet reminder that your pizza is being baked. Now all I can think about is melted cheese.

You. Are. Welcome.

With these 5 apps on your phone, they’ll be no stopping you.

You’ll have a great time watching a movie (thanks to itcher), you’ll feel soothed by the sounds of a rainstorm (gotta love Thunderscape), while being totally relaxed (Calm), full of pizza (Dominoes, you are amazing) and your faith in humanity will be restored (thumbs up, Alien Blue).

Not bad for a night’s work…