These 3 Amazing Apps Can Increase Your Productivity (A Lot)

Apps come in all shapes and level of intelligence. From the addictive Doodle Jump to the hilarious ‘Fake Shower’ (because love is blind but it is not deaf), applications are a part of our daily tool kit. If, like me, you’re a little bit obsessed with work flows and productivity, join me in my nerd gathering as I run you through 3 apps that are going to seriously change the way you get things done.

FOREST – Plant Trees for Productivity

This might be the most adorable app you ever lay your work-strained eyes upon. I’ll get to the executive summary: leave your phone alone, and the little pretend tree you’ve planted in the app will grow.

As far as apps go, it’s pretty ingenious. It’s a good app if you struggle not to check Twitter while working, or even if you just think you need a break from scrolling. Just open the app, select what tree you want to plant and you won’t be allowed to open any app on your phone until it’s finished growing. Well, technically you can. But then your cute little tree will die and rot and you’ll be sad.

Plant loads of trees throughout your day and your daily forest will look green and luscious. It’s very satisfying.

The real-world part is that you collect coins for every tree that grows and you can use those coins to pay for real trees to be planted in actual soil. Pretty great, right? Consider it your little bit for humanity.

OMNIFOCUS – Your Personal App Assistant

This is the big boy of productivity apps. Omnifocus is effectively a to-do list manager but it’s so much more. Imagine you had your own personal assistant and you said ‘Hey personal assistance, what tasks do I need to do today?’ and they told you. Okay, now imagine you said ‘Hey personal assistant, I’m at the library today. What tasks do I need to complete that I can do here?’.

That’s what Omnifocus does. It’s not Siri or Cortana enabled, so you can’t speak to it directly (damn), but you can organise your tasks into projects (like ‘Work’) and also contexts like ‘Home’ (because you can’t tidy up your office desk while you’re at home).

WRITE OR DIE – Writing Under Pressure

You don’t know the meaning of writing under pressure until you’ve used the desktop application ‘Write or Die’. It does what is says on the tin – sort of. Set your word count goal, start typing and don’t stop. Stop writing for too long as your screen will go red, an alarm will sound and before you know it, the app is crunching each word you’ve just wrote (it takes all the vowels out).

It’s high stakes. Be prepared with what you want to write and be even more prepared to give it a heavy hand in the subediting. The consequences all depend on what setting you have, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t do things by halves, so it’s Kamikaze mode all the way.

The best part? When you reach your word count, a kitten appears (on screen, not in your house). Although, developers, you wanna work on a premier version with real kittens? Actually puppies. Puppies are better.

Top of the Apps

So which app is at the top of your To Try list? For casual productivity, the Forest app is the one for you. For organisational maniacs, you need Omnifocus in your life and for any writers or students or people who procrastinate until Christmas, Write or Die will be your best friend.

And, if you’re like me and want to soak up all the productivity help you can, download all three and give yourself a pat on the back.